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Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is one of the most used ingredients in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine and has many health benefits. It’s made from unsalted butter that is melted down to get a clear golden liquid and it’s not uncommon to see ghee being used during prayers in Hindu festivals. Although ghee can be found in almost every supermarket, nothing beats the flavour of homemade ghee. It’s one of the simplest recipes in Indian cuisine and you can store it easily, out of the fridge, in a dark, dry place for at least two months. Here’s how you do it.


  • 500 g of unsalted butter


  • To begin making homemade ghee or clarified butter, first dice the butter into cubes so it melts faster when heated.
  • Place the chopped butter in a heavy bottomed saucepan, on a low heat. Let the butter melt slowly and keep stirring occasionally until the butter melts completely.
  • Once the butter has melted completely and has been simmered for about 5 minutes or more on medium heat you will notice that the melted butter starts to foam and boil. Remove the foam and all the white stuff away with a sieve a soon as it appears to the surface.
  • After a few more minutes of simmering you will notice that the colour of the liquid below the foam will begin to turn clear. At this stage the butter will foam again, and this indicates that the ghee is beginning to get ready.
  • Turn off the heat and allow the foam to settle down. You will notice the clear golden liquid. You will also notice that the milk solids have separated and have settled in the bottom of the pan.
  • Allow the ghee to cool slightly and then strain the ghee into a clean, dry jar. The ghee can be stored at room temperature for about 2 months.

Hint: When making ghee, keep the flame between medium and medium-low to prevent the milk solids from burning and destroying the taste of the ghee

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